Friday, February 27, 2009

The Power to Lay and Collect Taxes - Our Founders and Constituions Fatal Flaw, Answer Voluntary Tax.

As an economic enthusiast, I've noticed one thing. We all want one thing. We want "what we want", period. You can't argue the point. It's a fact.

Back in the heat of the revolution our founders new that human rights were important and set forth to form the most free country on the planet, within limits. After all we have to live with each other. So they reached a compromise between freedom and socialism (since we need to live together). Unfortunately, within that compromise was the power to lay and collect taxes. Clearly they wanted us to be free, it's the only way for a country to live in harmony forever. But, they fell short. Now, armed with the power to "tax" each other, we've taxed each other to our own demise, almost.

That power to "take" what we have not earned under the guise of taxes, for the public good, has driven us to the brink of colapse. Because our money is not a thing of value but a representation or our work, our wealth, our lives, when you buy an orange you use a medium of exchange, money, to trade your labor for that orange. By taxing eachother, are we not violating every basic human right our founders have fought and died to uphold. For example, forcing workers to pay income tax is forcing them to work for someone else for free, isn't that slavery.

What's the answer? Voluntary taxes! I know this is shocking and at first you don't think it will succeed. The reason you don't is actually logical and the reason we need it. The fact that you don't think it would succeed tells me that you would not voluntarily send in taxes, if given the choice.

No doubt, part of the reason you believe you would not pay, is, I suspect, you are worried you would send in a check for new roads, but your neighbor would not and you would be paying for all the roads. And this is true, in fact this would happend to everything the government now pays for. As a result some of these programs would fail or go private. After a short sting, the result would be simple, your choice would push quality up and prices down. And you would be extremely happy with the country you live in, because you are truly free. And that's a good thing.

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