Friday, February 27, 2009

Healthcare Reform - More Choices for Consumers is the Cure.

In healthcare, in the interest of protecting patients from themselves, politicians have chipped away at choice and patients have paid the price, literally.

Here are four solutions.

First, give consumers the choice to use licensed or unlicensed doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc. For those that want the protection it is still available. For the those who don't want the protection they will have a choice. That choice will drive prices down and quality up. It will even improve the state licensing because it will have to compete with the unlicensed.

Next give consumers the choice to use FDA approved drugs and to use drugs with or without a doctors advise. By that I mean legalize drugs, including prescription drugs. Again for those who want the protection of the FDA it will be available for those that don't they have a choice. That choice will drive down the cost of drugs and improve the quality and even the speed at which they come to market.

Next eliminate the employer mandate. Through this mandate the government if forcing consumers to buy health insurance. It's still paid by the consumer (employee) because that's money that could go toward higher wages or lower cost of living. Clearly that was the intent of government. By mandating emergency rooms to care for the uninsured health care costs grew do to all the uninsured. To counter they sought to reduce the number of uninsured by forcing those who want to work to buy health insurance. Mandates serve to drive prices higher, I'm sure you understand.

Finally, give consumers the choice not to pay for others healthcare by eliminating the mandate that doctors and emergency rooms treat people whether they can pay or not. People want to help. The government doesn't need to force them. Look at churches and other charities. Everyone enjoys helping their fellow man, it's part of who we are. We don't need a middle man.

In conclusion, politicians are making the healthcare choices that are right for them. And, no surprise we have a healthcare system that meets their needs. Unfortunately quality and price are rarely at the top of their agenda.

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