Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your Opinion on Gay Marriage Aside, Gavin Newsom Makes a Compelling Argument, in favor of Conservatism, About our U.S. Constitution and Democracy

Without a doubt the framers of our Constitution had great concern over the single most lethal side affect of democracy, mob rule. The Bill of Rights protects certain in "inalienable rights". Rights that for a country to succeed, the framers obviously believed, should not be taken away by anyone including the voters. The framers protected us by establishing the Supreme Court.

The Constitution established a supreme court to review our laws and strike down any that violate those inalienable rights. Clearly the Supreme Court has failed us.

Over the last 200 years we have all gnawed away at each others rights, including marriage. The first marriages occurred independently of government, in churches or other groups. States soon began issuing licenses, originally to stop interracial marriages, effectively turning marriage into a privilege. Where was the Supreme Court? From Gun Registration Laws, to Taxes we have repeatedly violated each others rights.

Any tax code that benefits one at the expense of the other is a violation your rights. It's legalized theft through democracy. If I want something, in a pure Democracy I can work for it or I can vote for it. It's obvious what we choose time and time again. That is normal human behavior and to be expected.

We are only human. Civilizations fracture and break apart when our basic human rights are violated. Gavin Newsom clearly understands this. Should the case make it to the Supreme Court, the courts decision could re affirm the Supreme Courts Role in our government. Should the Justices of the Supreme Court stand up for all of our rights through the support of gay marriage or preferably by making marriage licenses illegal, a turning point could be reached. And maybe we can start undoing the damage done by 200 years of mob rule.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Beef goes to Washington

Mr. Beef went to Washington today to let him know that the bank he works with received millions in bail out money but now won't loan it to him to keep his business afloat.

Even worse Mr. Beef is that the millions going to your bank came from you so you can't even use your own money to bail yourself out.