Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your Opinion on Gay Marriage Aside, Gavin Newsom Makes a Compelling Argument, in favor of Conservatism, About our U.S. Constitution and Democracy

Without a doubt the framers of our Constitution had great concern over the single most lethal side affect of democracy, mob rule. The Bill of Rights protects certain in "inalienable rights". Rights that for a country to succeed, the framers obviously believed, should not be taken away by anyone including the voters. The framers protected us by establishing the Supreme Court.

The Constitution established a supreme court to review our laws and strike down any that violate those inalienable rights. Clearly the Supreme Court has failed us.

Over the last 200 years we have all gnawed away at each others rights, including marriage. The first marriages occurred independently of government, in churches or other groups. States soon began issuing licenses, originally to stop interracial marriages, effectively turning marriage into a privilege. Where was the Supreme Court? From Gun Registration Laws, to Taxes we have repeatedly violated each others rights.

Any tax code that benefits one at the expense of the other is a violation your rights. It's legalized theft through democracy. If I want something, in a pure Democracy I can work for it or I can vote for it. It's obvious what we choose time and time again. That is normal human behavior and to be expected.

We are only human. Civilizations fracture and break apart when our basic human rights are violated. Gavin Newsom clearly understands this. Should the case make it to the Supreme Court, the courts decision could re affirm the Supreme Courts Role in our government. Should the Justices of the Supreme Court stand up for all of our rights through the support of gay marriage or preferably by making marriage licenses illegal, a turning point could be reached. And maybe we can start undoing the damage done by 200 years of mob rule.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Beef goes to Washington

Mr. Beef went to Washington today to let him know that the bank he works with received millions in bail out money but now won't loan it to him to keep his business afloat.

Even worse Mr. Beef is that the millions going to your bank came from you so you can't even use your own money to bail yourself out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Newt Gingrich Called me to "save" the economy. He doesn't get it.

I got a call from Newt Gingrich today asking me to contribute because tax cuts are a better way to "save" the economy.

Why don't the Republicans get it. If you want your party back stop trying to "save" the economy. The economy doesn't need saving. I don't want you to save it.

This "crash" is the free market at work. Lowering prices for all Americans. Saving the Americans from lower prices doesn't make sense. Why would I not want lower prices?

I would elect the first guy or gal that says as president I will never bail out anyone, I won't try to save anyone and I will undo the damage caused by both parties over the last 200 years.

The Power to Lay and Collect Taxes - Our Founders and Constituions Fatal Flaw, Answer Voluntary Tax.

As an economic enthusiast, I've noticed one thing. We all want one thing. We want "what we want", period. You can't argue the point. It's a fact.

Back in the heat of the revolution our founders new that human rights were important and set forth to form the most free country on the planet, within limits. After all we have to live with each other. So they reached a compromise between freedom and socialism (since we need to live together). Unfortunately, within that compromise was the power to lay and collect taxes. Clearly they wanted us to be free, it's the only way for a country to live in harmony forever. But, they fell short. Now, armed with the power to "tax" each other, we've taxed each other to our own demise, almost.

That power to "take" what we have not earned under the guise of taxes, for the public good, has driven us to the brink of colapse. Because our money is not a thing of value but a representation or our work, our wealth, our lives, when you buy an orange you use a medium of exchange, money, to trade your labor for that orange. By taxing eachother, are we not violating every basic human right our founders have fought and died to uphold. For example, forcing workers to pay income tax is forcing them to work for someone else for free, isn't that slavery.

What's the answer? Voluntary taxes! I know this is shocking and at first you don't think it will succeed. The reason you don't is actually logical and the reason we need it. The fact that you don't think it would succeed tells me that you would not voluntarily send in taxes, if given the choice.

No doubt, part of the reason you believe you would not pay, is, I suspect, you are worried you would send in a check for new roads, but your neighbor would not and you would be paying for all the roads. And this is true, in fact this would happend to everything the government now pays for. As a result some of these programs would fail or go private. After a short sting, the result would be simple, your choice would push quality up and prices down. And you would be extremely happy with the country you live in, because you are truly free. And that's a good thing.

Healthcare Reform - More Choices for Consumers is the Cure.

In healthcare, in the interest of protecting patients from themselves, politicians have chipped away at choice and patients have paid the price, literally.

Here are four solutions.

First, give consumers the choice to use licensed or unlicensed doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc. For those that want the protection it is still available. For the those who don't want the protection they will have a choice. That choice will drive prices down and quality up. It will even improve the state licensing because it will have to compete with the unlicensed.

Next give consumers the choice to use FDA approved drugs and to use drugs with or without a doctors advise. By that I mean legalize drugs, including prescription drugs. Again for those who want the protection of the FDA it will be available for those that don't they have a choice. That choice will drive down the cost of drugs and improve the quality and even the speed at which they come to market.

Next eliminate the employer mandate. Through this mandate the government if forcing consumers to buy health insurance. It's still paid by the consumer (employee) because that's money that could go toward higher wages or lower cost of living. Clearly that was the intent of government. By mandating emergency rooms to care for the uninsured health care costs grew do to all the uninsured. To counter they sought to reduce the number of uninsured by forcing those who want to work to buy health insurance. Mandates serve to drive prices higher, I'm sure you understand.

Finally, give consumers the choice not to pay for others healthcare by eliminating the mandate that doctors and emergency rooms treat people whether they can pay or not. People want to help. The government doesn't need to force them. Look at churches and other charities. Everyone enjoys helping their fellow man, it's part of who we are. We don't need a middle man.

In conclusion, politicians are making the healthcare choices that are right for them. And, no surprise we have a healthcare system that meets their needs. Unfortunately quality and price are rarely at the top of their agenda.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama speaks to both houses 02/24/2009

President Obama addressed both houses of Congress last night and talked about how the government will fix the economy.

Some of his statements went against my economic theory.

For example "lending is the life blood" of the economy. The fact is we don't need lending at all. Our "financial system" has failed over and over again since it began. It goes against natural economic law and therefore can't exist without artificial government support. Now that wouldn't be a problem, except that the more failed systems we support the less competitive we become in the global economy and we spiral downward.

"It's not about about the banks, it's about the people" this doesn't make sense. He is giving money to banks to "loan" to us. So we have to pay it back but banks don't? The reason they are giving it to the banks is that the financial system creates money. For example I have $100 dollars in the bank. Now the bank loans out $70. Now I have a $100 and someone else has $70. It doesn't make a lot of sense but this is what economists practice. So with the governments $1 trillion they can inflate the economy by $1.7 trillion... smoke and mirros. The government understands that only one thing needs to happen to support the fake economy (financial system) is fake inflation.

Education it is our responsiblity to make laws that make it work. My theory is that consumer choice without mandates will always improve quality and bring down prices. I would eliminate the need for teachers and schools to be licensed. Let the parents decide who should teach their kids.. And stop the mandate. I need the choice not to send my kid to school, so I have more leverage in netotiating price and quality.

Read instead of video games - What if they are wrong. Kids will do what they need to do to get what they want. Being skilled in the technical arena has proven to be a virtue in our economy.

"We will eliminate the no bid contracts that wasted billions in IRAQ" I thought this was funny because isn't that what the government does to us every day? We don't have a choice on education, drugs, heathcare, insurance, etc. In fact all government agencies reduce our chance of getting bids on our contracts and cost us $trillions.

Stable and Affordable housing. We want to keep prices up AND make the affordable, the only way to do that is risky financing... here we go again!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lou Dobbs talked about legalizing drugs. Lou, what people never talk about is the greatest benefit to legalizing drugs. pharmiceuticals. By legalizing all drugs, we can give consumers a choice whether or not to use FDA approved drugs and/or a doctors advice. When you give consumers a choice you will see prices fall dramatically and quality improve. Look at the price/value succes of over the counter drugs.